"You can individually

reach the multitudes...

if you will first

reach a multitude of individuals."

Charles Holcomb


Eze 22:30

And I sought for a man

among them, that should

make up the hedge,

and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I

should not destroy it:

but I found none.

Ministry Engineering (M.E.)

Everyone who wants to win the lost to Christ is given ideas and concepts from the Lord. Yet, getting the idea into a working product can be a daunting task. Let M.E. help you. As Engineers, we are striving to give individuals an organization that can assist you with CAD design, simulation, fabrication, and production of ministry tools.


Ministry Ideas (.com) was a website I put on line in 2001. It was essentially what you see in this website but was more a church based ministry. MINISTRY ENGINEERING is a term that stresses the need and skill it takes to innovate church based programs that will be more effective in reaching the lost.  The old site had several ministry tools that were built in the late 90s by Chuck Holcomb. Through the use of these tools, hundreds of souls were saved and several volunteer workers surrendered to full-time service. Ministry ideas (.com) is presently doing the necessary paper work and organization procedures to move into the NPO status and register as a Engineering Firm in Tennessee. We are no able to contract work at this time but we hope to eventually help pastors build ministry tools to evangelize their area, facilitate to train workers to use products, and provide professional assistance in helping church laymen with the invention process for financial benefit of building the kingdom.


To understand Ministry Engineering's approach the Lord's work, consider this question. Does a mule pull a plow? Beware of giving a conditioned response! Many of the things we think we know in life are simply the results of our conditioning by controling powers and individuals. Knowledge and understanding gives freedom to those enslaved by  manipulative forces and people. If your answer was "yes" to the question it is because you have been conditioned to judge by sight instead of law. Instead of looking at the location of the plow in relation to the mule, stop to consider the harness the mule is wearing. The yoke is worn on the neck and shoulders thus it  is being "pushed" by the mule. The design of the harness is what forces the plow to turn the earth. The proven laws of physics prove the mule does not pull the plow but instead...he pushes the plow.  Now let us go a step farther. If the creator of the universe has designed a harness (yoke) then we know it will be sharp and will easily turn the earth. This leads us to the second question....How can wearing a yoke (work implement) be easy? The weight of an average working mule is 900lbs. Because of the structure of the breast plate the mule is able to breathe as he LEANS against the yoke. Yes, I said "leans" against the yoke. When we see the way the Lord has designed His work to be done we can then understand how we have been conditioned to think wrong about work and ministry. He simply wants us to continually lean on Him. As we lean on Him the plow is moved foward and all we have to do is step ahead to once again...lean upon Him.