ICE (Inventive Concepts for Evangelism )

This page contains some "out of the box" ideas, innovations, and inventions. Plese pray for the Lord to provide what is needed to see each of these ideas used to reach the lost.

Torpedo Run

This was a childhood board game that was fun. Each of the ships are slotted on the sides to allow for a small disc shot from the submarine to enter the hull of the ship. Once the disc enters the solt it trips a rubber band and parts of the ship fly off. For a cool youth event, this same thing could be done with shuffel board disc and large wooden ships that smoke once the sensor is triggered. The added effect of a small fan blowing colored strips of mylar will simulate the flame effects. Here are a few old photos of the game and some 3D concepts of the activity.

David Barton and the Wallbuilders website are doing awesome things to help individuals understand that America was formed and founded on the Bible. His DVD series (Heritage Series) will open the minds of Christians to start defending and standing for their historical freedoms. Here is an idea I would love to see traveling the country teaching those that will never go to the wallbuilders website nor hear David Barton's DVD series. This will enable someone to reach the general public that can not afford to travel to DC or experience a "Spiritual Heritage Tour". The interiour of the inflatable will be filled with graphics to match that of the capital building and also have each wall filled with information to support the scriptures and men that gave us our freedoms.

Paintball and Airsoft games are popular events. Yet, to play the games you must travel to a paintball field that could be a long distance away from the church. Also, not all teens will be able to afford the travel, fees, and equipment rental. This is why M.E. is trying to invent ways that churches can have events where all can play the game and also use the tool to go into the general public with an interesting presentation of the gospel. The following idea is a transportable game that comes with an inflatable fence. The bus (illustrated in another ICE video) will transport the ministry team to an area where the fence will be deployed, a floor mat unrolled, unfolded boxes that assemble into buildings, and RC tanks that shoot paintballs. The object of the game is for 4 tanks to destroy the paper signs of doctrines, teachers, despots, and devils mounted in the boxes. Each tank will try to score as many hits as possible while trying to avoid being hit by another tank. The tanks are operated just as the real tanks in our military. A team of two people work together- one watches the display screen from the onboard camera that will help him maneuver the tank around while the other team member operates the turret and main gun from his display screen.   


Swashbuckling Adventure

The same type game could be done with RC ships (that are on wheels). This could be played in a parking lot of a church or business. These ships would have a paintball cannon sticking out of each side of the ship. The object of the game is to destroy the paper sail that is on your opponent’s ships.

A great idea for a youth activity is a slot car track. Several cities have tracks where you can go and race but this type of hobby really can not support itself in small towns. So, I used the youth budget and purchase two AFX tracks, lap counters, and broke the teens up into 4 different racing teams. With the tracks mirrored to the same track distance I had one member from each team race for 25 laps. The other team members were to stay positioned around the 16’x4’ table to help keep their team’s car on their track. With the use of the Karaoke PA, I would crank up the reverb and announce the start and finishing positions of each 25 lap round. I also made cheap t-shirts to assist in getting everyone into the spirit of the race. Needless to say, the teens loved it and we used the race track several times.

I would like to take this activity and make it a mobile. AFX cars are too small and do not have the ability to change lanes. The SCX digital race system has the ability to allow the driver to change lanes and pass their opponent. The 1/32 or 1/43 scale cars are much larger and have adequate replacement parts available. A track could be mounted on a rolling catty that could be transported in trailer with all the support equipment. This way teens and pre-teens would be able to enjoy racing the slot cars without having to travel to a big city or pay a large fee for track time. The race would essentially use the same format that I used at Madison.

Dinosaur Wonder Cave???

After spending years doing Creation Material and Managing Dinosaur Adventrue Land, I came up with a great idea for replicating the DAL concept and combining it with a camp. This Cave is near my home and I have been in contact with the owner. If anyone has the money and would want to build an awesome theme park near Interstate 24...then this is the place. I will try to put some video with (ICE) project later. There should be 3 slide shows(General Condition of Land, The Log Cabin Lodge, and Concept Photoshop ideas of mine)

This is a video of a transportable auditorium frame. The outside skin can be changed for multiple themed presentations. The inside open areas between the frame tubes will be filled with graphics, text, and display information. The concept of the idea is to provide a way for churches that stopped their bus ministry because of the disruptive children damaging the church property. This inflatable allows the church to go to their neighborhood and have church on the spot. This will allow the workers to evangelize a neighborhood, have parents assist with their children who are disruptive, and train a group of children how to act in church. After the 3 month deployment there will be a discipled group of children who will be ready and worthy to be integrated into the ministries of the home church. One church bus will be filled with just one stop on a Sunday morning. Truly and transformation of the post-modern bus ministry! The auditorium can then be deployed to another area of the city to replicate the process.

This is the ultimate M.E. tool. It is the quintessential element to make a ministry like this to operate. In the first phase of operation it is essential to establish a 100 mile circle of churches that will use our team. This team will be able to travel to each supporting church to hold an event in their neighborhoods, apartment complexes, trailer parks, and community events. This will allow for high impact evangelism resulting in numerous contacts and follow-up for the hosting church. Our team will be able to be on location within an hour, deploy the event, and return to our home base all within a three hour window.  Soon, this idea will have its own page on the M.E. site.

This is really what we are looking for in a Ministry Vehicle.

This is the perfect bus to start imediately with transporting workers to hold events in the general public, at churches, or in schools. Gibson used this bus as a tradeshow display at festivals and public events. It has a sound system and room for presentation equipment. It would be able to transport 28 workers.

Here are some other varations of vehicles on our wish list.