Mark Twain said, “No amount of evidence will ever convince an idiot that he is wrong!”


The following items were used to reach hundreds of children, teens, and parents.

The Dino Cave

The "I'm not Lost in Space" Robot

The 42' UFO

(Unusal Faith Outreach)

The Hot Rod Bus

Advertise VBS

In 1997, Lonnie Mattingly came to preach at our Stewardship conference. He made a statement that someone could use their hobby to generate income for the building fund. When I got home, and old brochure from a remote control blimp company was left out on my computer desk. I realized that I could use the teens to work as the ground crew and fly ads at ballgames and public events. So, I built a 15’ R&D blimp and then obtained a contract the Huntsville Stars baseball team to allow me to fly ads between innings. I built a 25’ blimp with electric motors and started soliciting advertisements. I also have a smaller indoor arena blimp. Both ships have drop coupon servos and have video and video downlink capability. I will place more photos from old hard drive later. 

The lager yellow blimp was flown at Huntsville A&M University's football stadium to advertise the and film. I thank the Lord for the friendship received from Jim and Judy Boschma of BOSCH Aerospace. His intellectual advice and years of experience as a military contractor enabled me to understand some ground breaking concepts in the development of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). All drone development was an eventual result of his engineering, inventions, and testing as the owner of Bosch Aerospace. This project gave valuable insight to city government officials, obstructions/conflicts with new and unknown business developments by controlling individuals, and federal aviation laws protecting business owners. Note: This venture was before the FAA laws that changed because of 9/11.